Hi, my name is Johanna Brag and I am a UX/UI Designer and a Print Designer based in Stockholm. 
In all my process I want to find insights through patience, empathy and humility. What is the user needs, expectations and problems? I need to understand the people the product are trying to reach, and then design from their perspective.
For ten years I worked as a product designer in fashion retail and luxury industry, making tactile, surface design and visual design. My artistic and graphic, visual experience is important when I today design digital elements. I am especially dedicated to user research, illustration and motion graphic.  

As a teacher and board member at Steneby design school I have specialised in holding workshops, to communicate and facilitate groups.
2019-2020 - Freelance UX/UI designer. Stockholm. 
2014-2019 - Print/Product/Concept Designer at Indiska HOME dept. Stockholm.
2012-2014 - Design Teacher at Steneby.se and freelance designer.
2009-2012 - Print Designer at VENTILO Paris.
2008-2009 - Print Design Intern at VENTILO Paris.
2019 - Digital Design Upgrade at Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm. 
2007-2008 - Third Year in Bachelor Print Design at ENSAD, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. Paris. 
2005-2009 - Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Swedish School of Textiles
2004-2005- Preparatory Year at Steneby Art & Design School. 
2003-2004 - First Year of Bachelor in Industrial Design, University of Gotland. 
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2020 by Johanna Brag.