UX case study for Enkla Kassan app


Client - Axenu
Product - Enkla Kassan
User - Micro business owners

Axenu developed a receipt app 2019 and saw that it was mainly used by small business owners. Enkla Kassan will help the target group even more to keep track of their Swish payments and give selling statistic. The app will also have a webshop function with qr-codes for each sale.

The target group are smaller and sometimes flexible companies with a need of pop-up stores as food trucks, flea markets or services like tattoo artists.

UX case study for Enkla Kassan app

My Role

Project Management
User Researcher
User Experience

The Team

Project Manager - Johanna Brag
Account Manager - Salvör Thorlacious
UX Strategist/UI Design- Kristoffer Adamah
UX/UI Design - Joanna Lundbladh
UX/UI Design - Stefan Malmquist
UX/UI Design- August Segerholm


Qualitative research
Notion documentation
Figma prototyping


3 weeks


To give Axenu the biggest value possible during these 3 weeks. Our research goal was to find where in the app we should put our effort to make the most impact. Our goal was also to help with UI along the UX process.

Understand the user

We used simple role play sessions in two different scenarios which helped us to understand our focus and where to make biggest impact in the service. We decided to build the app from the sellers perspective and focus on the sellers user journey map.


Our strategy was to get close to specific users by using qualitative research. We reached out to different business owners and got the needs validated and tested.

Problem statement

How might we assist micro business owners to generate an effortless sales flow?

How might we help the business owners to keep track of their Swish transactions and inventory for their accounting?


By creating a user friendly design in the core of the service/app we think we can make the users business more effective and improve their control over the accounting and selling statistic.

We think we can reach this by prioritize the navigation bar and the landing page.

Competitive analysis

Enkla Kassan will stand out by:

Providing tools that users already are familiar with and combine these into one platform.

Having a better integration with book keeping programs than other apps.

Providing an easier quicker and more simple way to set up an account.

Having a faster update in the statistic as the Swish payments are accounted directly. 


By using Figma as a collaborative tool in the team and together with the client remotely could we share daily insights and tests.

We did two different webshop options which we tested on users clicking in shared prototypes in online and normally meeting test sessions.

Our mission was to test every step  in different scenarios.


Navigation bar insights - one main shop button and a QR-code button instead of receipts.

Have receipts, accounting and statistics in one place.

Test showed that the gallery view was preferable to list view in the webshop.

The set up (edit item) of the shop and the shop itself should be in one place.

There is a need for an animation or change of colors when you move items to the shopping cart.


My biggest take away is about putting the effort where we can make biggest impact. How important it is to focus on a small but useful part of the app and develop that step by iterating several times.

I also learned how much I enjoy working with products helping the user in the daily life.

My role

A big part of the project was user research which I really enjoy doing. My biggest challenge was to also take a leader role as Project Manager with an active collaborative client contact.