Responsive web design for GoPlany


Client - Eva Båge One Set Plan
Product - Website for GoPlany budgeting platform
User - Film Producers
My role - UX/UI Designer

During three months I've been digging into the world of GoPlany. A platform to help film producers to manage their budgeting and planning.

It was a pleasure to work close to the founder of GoPlany to understand the product and the user needs. The goal was to create a visual identity including logotype, typography, colors, illustrations, motion graphics, tone of voice and building the website

Responsive web design for GoPlany

My Role

Concept Design
Motion Graphics
Responsive Web Design


After Effects


3 months


To help GoPlany communicate their vision and product on a website.

Create a visual identity and a brand strategy for GoPlany before launching the product.

One of the solutions on the website was this explainer video I created.

Understand the user

How can we in an easy way explain and present this platform for this already really busy target group of film producers.

We needed a friendly but effective approach and a calm and inviting interface.


A pleasant work is to create the identity of a brand and communicate the values. The value statement shows the “soul” of the company.

I use both interviews and competitor analysis to understand the values. It's a message which conveys the values and priorities of the company. This lets your customers and staff know what's important to your business and the kind of culture it has.


These are prototypes of logos. We worked with the interface, tone of voice and logotype in the same process.

Always including tests and feedback sessions during the development.


To test the design we reached out to people in different stages. This was a quick validation of that we were working in the correct direction.

I believe in easy quick tests, to fail early and iterate many times.


As a part of the deliverables I created the design for the budgeting and planning platform. It was an agile process together with the developer.

My role

A big part of my role was to be an account manager, manage time and strategy.

I really enjoyed to be a part of both UX and UI in the process and to have the opportunity to deliver user insights as well as illustrations, logotype and a complete visual identity.

I had a close work together with Eva the founder to create the tone of voice. As I love working in a team this was a very enrichment part.


My biggest take aways from this project are brand strategy, the importance of structure and following the timeline.

I learned to take quick help with technical issues and to spend my time on the most important parts every week.

I also used my network to get feedback and to test the design along the process as I was the only designer in this project.


Before starting the project I discussed the process and focus areas with the client.

Where could I make the biggest impact and create value for GoPlany before launching their product in 2020.