A user experience study about buying wine on the web. A project made at Berghs Digital Design Upgrade course 2019.

Method: Design Thinking Process

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, After Effects

User Research: Susanne Fransson Kane, Johanna Brag

User Interface Design: Johanna Brag

Illustration & Animation: Johanna Brag


Swedish people raised their wine purchases 2001-2018. Wine consumption accounts for 34,1 % of the total alcohol consumption 2001 and 42,6% of the consumption 2018. The hard liquor buying has decreased the last years and the wine buying has raised. ( Can Report 184)

The internet shopping of clothes, pharmacy and food raised 16% in Sweden 2017-2018 (

It is legal to purchase wine on the web in Sweden but only 1,4% of the wine bought in Sweden 2018 was ordered on the web. 82,4% are bought at Systembolaget.

Wine purchasing in Sweden 2018

CAN Report 175 (


Target group

45% of the target group "parents with young children" bought food on internet 2018 and 74% of them have used their phone for web shopping. (

Interviews and web surveys

The most relevant questions and answers (web survey with 50 answers in target group):

How do you rate your wine skills from 1-5? 

What content are you most interested of when you read about wine?


63,4% Wine expert giving advices

39% Articles about wine districts and growers

36,6% Reviews

14,6 Wine tasting & Wine trips


Important behaviours in the group during online shopping and quotes from deeper interviews:

  • The target group are very used to go to Systembolaget.

  • They like the service and advices Systembolaget gives.

  • They also like the trust of age control of younger adults at Systembolaget. 

  • They find it time consuming going to another store than the supermarket for buying wine.

  • The wine bottles are heavy to carry.

  • They also say that the price could be higher in a web shop if they know the deliver will be smooth, if they get good wine advices from experts and if they save time with a web order.

A wine guide with wine shop on internet need to have:

  1. Trustful advices from experts and inspiration. 

  2. Interesting reading about smaller growers and eco wine.

  3. Easy and smooth payment.

  4. Quick delivery.

Low-fidelity sketch


User scenario after customer journey mapping and two web flow tests of a purchase.


Design decisions from a user experience perspective:

  • Trustful, calm design. 

  • Earthy, wine palette colours.

  • A smooth feeling of a purchase.

  • Advices like "wine for picnic" to make a quick choice.

  • Possibility to read more about the wine.

  • Wine advices connected to receipts.

  • Easy payment and environment friendly deliver.

  • Alcohol free alternatives in the food-wine advices.

Mood board


Color &



Screen prototype

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